Food chopped with kitchen knife always tastes better

That is what I tell my daughters. There are food processors of course, but kitchen knife retains the juices which unfortunately get squeezed out and warmed up in food processor. At least I am never satisfied with chopping in food processor. Another reason I prefer a kitchen knife is because the knives serve more than one purpose. Have you ever heard a food processor being used to crushing a couple of garlic pods or chopping small quantities of herbs? Or for that matter bread or filleting fish? So for me it has always been kitchen knives.

I am also guilty of collecting a few. When we went abroad, a couple of my relatives had asked for good kitchen knife sets. I bought two sets in the course of two years, but by the time we returned, they had already received knife sets from other people. Effectively, I am left with three sets, including my old set. I have used all the three though I could have given them to others.
Based on my experience, the first set I would recommend of these would be of course the Wusthof Gourmet 7 piece set. Honestly, I purchased this because I thought it was the right price product for the person I had in mind. I never thought it would stand there permanently on my kitchen counter. The paring knife in this has a blade of 3 inches, whereas the utility knife in this has a blade of 4.5 inches. I like longer bread knife, and 8 inches blade was just what the doctor ordered apparently. The 8 inch blade of its cook’s knife was something I was indifferent to at the time of purchase, but have realized why it makes sense. I liked the fact that all these knives can be set easily in a wooden block, along with a pair of kitchen shears, and a sharpening steel. There are two more slots and I am looking at some knives that will fit those.

The second set that I had bought was a bit expensive, because it was for a distant relative from whom we had received some favors. It is a 12 piece set again from Wusthof. It includes an additional paring knife of 2.5 inches, and four steak knives each with a blade of 4.5 inches. It seems to be more functional, though I would have liked a peeler instead of the additional paring knife.

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The Best Toasters to Buy

I’m planning on moving out of our shared apartment very soon and I want to start shopping for my own kitchen appliances. We’re currently sharing a toaster belonging to my friend (who we share the apartment with) and I know I will not want to be waking up to a morning without my toast. And I can’t keep coming back to our old apartment to use his toaster (although this sounds tempting…). My question is very simple… what are the good toaster to buy? I’m not a techy guy so the simpler the working mechanism the better!


I was window shopping and doing some online research on toasters and I could not find what I wanted for the price I’m looking for. Does anyone know of any good toasters being sold online? I want to buy from an online store that can deliver the toaster to my doorstep (I live in London).

It could be a 2-slice or a 4-slice toaster which has to be energy saving but still work fast enough (pre-heating and toasting). I also like nice looking things that would go well with all my other good looking things in my possession (I’m very picky and I like owning things that stand out… not common). Therefore if you’re going to suggest a 2 slice toaster for me, please remember this small part. I read that toasters such as KitchenAid and Breville can be nice options but I don’t trust brands I haven’t used before. To be honest I have never even used any of Breville appliances before.

Basically a good toaster for me would be one that browns my different sized bread evenly and gives it that sweet crunchy texture so that I can smother it in marmalade! The toasting precision has to be just right and I want a better looking toaster than my roommate’s so that I can brag about having better toast for breakfast! Any nice suggestions?

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My own personal experience of La Pavoni espresso machine

It is not long ago when me and my son was looking for some fine coffee maker that could possibly make our coffee making process more easier. So we started to look for the reviews and articles regarding the coffee making machines on the internet. And there we came across one master piece, a fine piece of artwork, the “La Pavoni espresso” machine.

The machine was delivered on the online order with in the two weeks. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t expecting much out of the package and was thinking of it somewhat similar to ordinary available machines. While on the other hand it was my son who was continuously favoring the product because of the home espresso maker reviews 2016 on the internet.

Best Espresso Machine Ever

Well the product was a complete surprise for me. It was stylish, elegant, fine crafted metal, medium sized coffee making machine that was exhibiting in it, all the necessary traits of a perfect coffee machine. We went through the working manuals really fast just to get the first cup of coffee.

The working is quiet simple. You just need to boil the water to certain temperature. After that the coffee powder available with you is placed in a small holder and compressed. This jar is then pushed against the holding space with the machine. The lever of the jar is then raised slowly in the upward direction. This creates a suction, letting the hot water to infuse into the coffee powder. While lowering the lever the coffee powder is squeezed out with fine thickness necessary to make perfect coffee. Now just add the milk and you are done. It was one of the best coffee experience I had in the recent years and I am proud my son made that decision.

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The best elliptical machine ever!

When my husband died, a part of me died too. Nothing made any sense. I remained in stupor for more than 2 years. About seven months ago, my friend dropped in, and asked me to join her at a party. Since she came after five years, it did not make sense to wallow in self pity. But when I tried to get into one of my dresses I found that they all had become much too tight for me. Eventually, I had to buy a dress for the party. It was then that I realized I needed to do something because those dresses were bought for me by my dear husband. I couldn’t possibly give them away. So began my quest to lose weight and more correctly get into some shape.

After my husband died, we moved over to a much smaller apartment. It spared me some rent, and well, that old home had too many painful memories in it. I was never a gym person, so starting something like that was never on cards. All I wanted was some exercising machine that would burn my fat, lodged in wrong places, thanks to my binge eating. Obviously, I needed something that was small. It also needed to be within my budget. I looked at many elliptical machines but most of them were way beyond my budget. Moreover, keeping them in my home was not possible because of their volume.


Eventually, I opted for this elliptical machine, which according to me is the best elliptical machine ever, simply because it has almost everything that anybody would need. It can synchronize both lower and upper body movements, which means I can exercise both parts of my body simultaneously. The flywheel in it is ensuring smooth and fluid motion. The strides on this machine are merely 14 inches, which does not make me feel the strain at all. There are sensors for keeping track of my heart rate. Pedals are wide, which is one of the best things, because my feet are not likely slip off them easily. This elliptical machine can be used in both directions, i.e., towards front as well as reverse. It also has 8 levels of resistance, which is good enough for me. The seller mentioned something like magnetic resistance, which I don’t know much about. He also mentioned something about bushings at pivots, which also did not make sense when I was buying, but now it does because I can feel the smoothness in movements of various parts. The handle bars in this elliptical are stationary, and cushioned. I am comfortable holding them while exercising. I have lost more 6 kgs. in the last 7 months, which is good, and I intend to continue till I lose another 4. I, however, don’t intend to overwork because I heard so much about injuries on such machines. So far, however, I have not had much to complain about this machine.

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A midsummer night’s slumber

Holidays are about complete relaxation and seclusion from the noisy hum-drum of day to day life. My heart has always ached for a nomadic lifestyle and in order to give in to my wanderlust, I often find myself outdoors. Its a jungle out there, you know and so its safe to say that as a camper, I am set out with all of my heavy-duty equipment. After a long hike in the woods and one of those freshwater swimming sessions I prefer to lay on my back to a sky full of stars and so my perfect summer night readily includes sturdy and comfortable bedding.


Recently I have come to terms with outdoor sports such as trekking and rock-climbing. By the time I am done with the day’s routine I find myself wearing out from the entire day’s activities. A good camping air mattress will enhance the comfort of the journey and this is bliss for the tired and weary camper’s legs and back.

In the past I have often faced discomfort due to notorious and poor quality camping air mattresses. There have been times where I was back from an exhausting activity such as river- rafting, only to find my old camping air mattress deflated or punctured by nitty-gritty rocks and twigs. Now that’s a camping bummer and a severe turn-off.

But this time this things had changed. I climbed steep rocks on high altitudes and after a long day of bird-watching, I retreated to my tent at sun-down. The nights sleep came on to me instantly and the next morning was screaming “Bring it on”. I was up and about doing justice to my camping trip. A sound sleep cradled by the sound of nature is every campers paradise. However to ensure a child-like slumber, I make sure that I have the perfect camping air mattress.

According to the air mattress reviews of 2016, the best air bed is one that is durable and certainly does not deflate by dawn. After all, I would like my morning tea on bed to go with the sun. Every camper has a special criteria for their air mattress. For example, If you have a small tent , you cant fit a king size air mattress in there, can you?

However, there are all kinds of air beds available these days to meet your exact needs, in accordance with the camping air mattress reviews 2016. I prefer one that does not leave me with a sore back by morning, also it should be portable enough. Boost your forest slumber and beat those snores and sores with your favourite air bed. Its the most prescriptive requirement for your fun-filled camping trip. (Related reading: How to prepare for a camping trip)

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The Shock I Got From My Favorite Rice Cooker

While staying in my house, I am always in the habit of cleaning my kitchen. Almost every night I prepare dinner for my family and we rarely go out to eat in a restaurant. I have used many rice cookers in the past and at present I am obsessed by my Japanese rice cooker because it helps me significantly to prepare the dinner quickly and effortlessly. You should check out Frontera Cooking for the top rice cooker reviews and purchasing guide. We prefer Jasmine, Basmati, sticky brown rice and even long grain brown. Sometimes I also cook white rice to add some variety.

One morning I was shocked to see that gunk had stuck in the steam holes of my favorite rice cooker. I was absolutely disgusted and tried to poke at them for a few minutes but was not able to succeed in my objective. And what was more frustrating was that after all the poking, prodding and tugging, the metallic part inside the pan popped out! I was completely baffled. I just didn’t know what to do. I inspected the little plate carefully and noticed that there was some Japanese writing on it with small arrows which were pointing towards the clips that were actually holding it in position. I realized that these writings were actually directions to clean this beauty and due to my ignorance of the Japanese language I never bothered to read them before.

I began to repent for my negligence to read the instructions which would have otherwise prevented this kind of horrible situation. I tried every means to make myself free of any guilt and even tried to blame the retailer who did not show me these instructions while I purchased my wonderful rice cooker. I was so much dumbfounded that I could not think any further. I do not really have a genuine conclusion to this incident but I just hope that God will show me where exactly the gunk had built up and how to cope with it in my personal life, my attitude and also with my buddies.

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Why I Will Always Have This Bread Machine In My Kitchen

To begin with; I love bread; thanks to an old bread machine we had in our kitchen, it is one of the things I saw my sister make every other morning. However, taking bread every single morning was soon to stop immediately after my sister left for college. However, having gotten used to eating bread, I made a promise to myself that I was not going to stop there, but at least learn how to make bread. I tried this and on the 5th day, our old machine broke and down. I thought a few quick fixes would help, but they all didn’t work out, and the only thing left was to buy a new bread machine. On that very evening I did a lot of research and at the end, I single out the best; the Breadman bread machine. From all the features mentioned and what other users were saying about it, it was evident this model was going to be a perfect replacement for our old bread machine.

True to what had been said, it is now over 4 month since I bought my Breadman, and what it does for me in the kitchen is pure magic. This little bread machine has in a way brought a ray of hope into my kitchen for soft and nicely baked bread is what I always take on daily basis. Interestingly, this is one of the most easy to-use machines to come across. It didn’t even take me more than a day to figure out how to use the machine. With all, that I have been able to do with my Breadman bread machine, I won’t trade it for anything in the world. It is reliable and it is one of those things I cannot live without. I am even ready to take this machine anywhere I go.

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Moving to Hong Kong has been an Eye Opener

We recently moved to Hong Kong from New York because my wife got a teaching job in one of the universities. There was no way my son, and I was going to be left behind and that meant quitting my job. While this was a little difficult for me, I had to give up a position I had held for more than five years. I love marketing, and this is what I have always done since I graduated from the University with a degree in business administration. Well, adapting to staying at home while in Hong Kong wasn’t a pleasant experience for me. On the other hand, jobs weren’t forthcoming.
hong kong
During my sixth month in Hong Kong, I decided to start a business right at the heart of the city. Instead of working for one organization, I chose to offer Internet marketing services to different clients. In any case, that would mean being my boss. My wife was very supportive and even promised to ask some of her friends to help me locate a vacant office space in Hong Kong. Two months went by, and I hadn’t gotten an office space. By then, my optimism was dying, and I decided to seek an alternative. Working from home was a viable idea for me but I needed a business address that customers could trust and be willing to give me business.

That is when an idea of finding a virtual office in Hong Kong struck me. I had cracked it, and nothing was going to stop me. Besides, that meant saving a considerable amount of money since I wouldn’t be required to buy office supplies and even cater for other traditional office expenses. In that case, I used that money to market my start-up on different platforms including print media. Further, since language was an enormous challenge in the beginning, the use of a virtual office came extremely in handy from the outset. I don’t know how I would have managed to break the language barrier in the absence of a virtual office.

I work from the comfort of my study and life in Hong Kong is as good for me as it is for my wife. It’s been one and half years, and we haven’t regretted moving to Hong Kong. Moving to this place is one of the best things that have ever happened to me.

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The Brother Computerized Sewing Machine

Brother-CS6000iWhen it comes to sewing machines, it cannot get any better than the brother computerized CS-6000i! This state of the art sewing machine comes with fully fitted with an LCD screen meant to help the user choose between any of its 4 stitching selections as well as modify the settings. The machine has been designed to accommodate all your stitching preferences with an array of 60 stitching functions to its name. There is simply no limit to what the Brother CS-6000i sewing machine can help you do. From zigzags, heirlooms, basic utility stitches to button holes; the Brother machine can do it all. As a matter of fact, most Brother sewing machine reviews have described it as ‘the future of sewing machines’.

Being electronic, this sewing machine is operated at the single push of a button. However, this does not mean that power shortage should stop you from sewing. The machine also features a foot pedal which enables the machine to operate even without electricity. It incorporates an automatic needle which includes a lever operation and a spring kind of hook which goes along way in helping you access the needle’s eye with much ease. There is also a speed control slider which aids in regulating the speed at which the machine operates. The needles used in this machine range in size from 9 to 16. It is estimated to sew at a whooping speed of 850 stitches/minute. (More reading here)

Another feature that makes the cs-6000i stand out is that it is extremely light as compared to most sewing machines. One can easily carry the machine around. Its extra features include variable positions for the needle, adjustable thread tension, automatic threading, automatic bobbin winding, convertible flatbed free sewing surface, quick-set drop in bobbin, drop feed, button sewing, twin stitching, darning and zipper insertion accessories. For safety purposes, the Brother sewing machine hard case cover. In addition to this, it also feature a power control switch.

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